Fuji S200EXR shutter release self build

Saturday 10 July 2010 at 6:51 pm
circuit diagram

I built a shutter release switch for my Fuji S200EXR out of an old mouse.  This is the circuit diagram.  The idea came from this website www.trafficshaper.com, where there’s a view of the inside of the RR-80.  As it’s only 3 resistors and a couple of switches it was pretty straightforward to build, although it’s impossible to find a 2-stage shutter button switch without actually dismantling a camera!

The other difficult bit is getting the Mini-B USB plug.  I got mine as a solderable one from Maplin, but it only connects to the standard 4 USB pins.  The 5th pin is what’s required here, so I had to modify the plug, too.

So on my otherwise standard-looking mouse left-click is focus, right-click is shoot.  More details and pictures available if anyone’s interested.  Here’s a pic of it in action to take a self-portrait with some burly bikers!

The next plan is to build in a timer circuit so I can do unattended time-lapse photography.  Watch this space, probably won’t happen for months!